A mixture of running sushi and TikTok
for high quality upper education

Including future topics like artificial intelligence, social media, climate change mental health or renewable energies in a curriculum is often challenging or nearly impossible for higher education teachers.

That’s why qloud aims to provide an easy tool to include cutting edge topics into regular lectures with minimum preparation and expertise needed.

Also it enables students to learn guided by their own interests and motivation strengthening competencies like critical and connected thinking as well as a positive learning attitude.

With qloud students are able to explore a topic freely and by their own interest using a question based approach through engaging TikTok-like short videos.

After every Video students themselves decide what to ask next and where to continue their journey through a topic.

Teachers take the role of an accompanying mentor exploring the topic with their students, afterwards moderating a profound discussion where all experiences and opinions can be shared.

And all that completely for free, without any registration or login.

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